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Services: What We Offer


Getting Your Art Information to Us

Providing Photos of your Artwork

You can submit your artwork images to us in several ways. One convenient option is to simply upload your images to the webpage that we setup for you once you have joined ArtistLiszt. (Contact us if you have questions.)

Another option is to submit your artwork using the free Pando utility, which allows for sending large files (up to 1 GB) via email. Your images are actually packaged and uploaded to Pando’s site, then we receive an email to download the Pando archive. It works great, is free, and supports both Mac and Windows computers.

In addition to your images, we will need to have the description that you want to accompany the art in your gallery.

It is important that we can easily reference your artwork with the descriptive information you provide. You can use one of our convenient forms to do this. Be sure to name your file images with the title of the piece. Then your descriptive information can reference the same title so we can match up the details.

If you have questions, or need some help in getting images of your artwork to us, please call 503.504.0869 or contact us by email.

Art Submission Forms

We’ve provided easy-to-use PDF forms for submitting your artwork details. Fill in the information, save the form, and then attach and send the PDF file by email. If you have lots of artwork to submit, simply complete and send us multiple forms.

NOTE: It’s best to right-click (Mac users control+click) to save the file to your computer. Then you can rename the file (use your name), open and edit. Example: rename the file to “ArtistName page1.pdf”.